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GroundHog Day Flash Free Shipping Special!


Happy {almost} Groundhog Day!

For this very momentous event, we at Masturgasm have decided to celebrate by offering Free Shipping on all purchases of anal toys which equals $30 or more so enjoy it while you can!

Offer Expires February 2nd at midnight!

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Serpenis Animal Sex Toy Dildo – Click Image to Buy It On Amazon!

The Serpenis is an amazing dildo with a snake-like texture and appearance, including a stimulating knob on the base which can function to stimulate both the clitoris or the anal area!

It’s angular head and textured body will drive you wild and are a fantastic addition to any and all of your animal role play fantasies!

Check it out on Masturgasm – here.

Check it out on Amazon – here.



Last Week to Take Advantage of Specials Going On Now!

If you have that item you’ve been eyeing on Romance Attack Online Shop, Now might be the time to pick it up!

Take a Look at the Great Specials Being Offered Now:

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Friday Favorites: Evolved Fusion Edition Unity Vibrator

The Evolved Novelties Fusion Edition Unity Vibrator is truly a pleasure-filled vibe!

This delicious wand vibe is dual ended for varying stimulation and multi-functional all at once!

The tapered end may be used as a normal vibe, clitoral stimulator and massager as desired while the smooth bulbed end can be used as an anal or vaginal vibrator as you like or as a clitoral stimulator.

Otherwise, it can be used for mutual masturbation and stimulation for partners.

I love this very versatile vibrator (say that 5x fast!) because of the amazing diversity that it offers.

I can use it in so many ways that I really never get tired of it AND it always makes me cum on a moment’s notice!

So there you have it!

Check it out – here – and get it at the lowest price online now!

Spend $50 or more between now and May 31st, 2012, and get your entire order 20% off!

Spend $100 or more and get FREE Shipping!

Hurry in while this offer lasts!

Happy Friday to you too 😉 !

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here’s My Top 3 Toys for the Week & Some Thoughts!

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I’ve been all about this toy lately. It’s completely amazing to use as a couple during sex and the texture feels incredible. The girth really adds intensity to your erotic experience and for someone lacking thickness or wanting to add excitement to the bedroom, this is just the penis extension to do it!

The bulbs on this massage vibrator are INCREDIBLE!

Do not underestimate this modestly sized vibe, the powerful vibrations coupled with the sphere like bulbs feel amazing during use.

This little toy has been keeping me company ALL WEEK! 😉

I absolutely LOVE all things steam punk!

The rustic colors, clocks, cogs and gears, I find all of the sophisticated Victorian era toys so sexy!

PLUS, it’s made in the USA by top quality company TSX Toys and I was able to pick my favorite color (Copper just in case you were wondering!) in this hot cock ring.

Just flexible enough, but still a secure fit, this cock ring turned sexual pleasure into a fashion statement!

That’s all for now!

Have a Sexy Weekend!

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Icon Brands’ Impressions 5X Silicone Gel G-Spot Vibrator


A delightful new addition to the Romance Attack Online storefront, this brand NEW Icon Brands’ Impressions 5X Silicone Gel Gspot Vibe is an exciting new vibrator to add to any toy collection!

Made of velvety soft top quality silicone material, this vibe features innovative silicone gel material which forms to the touch and can hold impressions in the material, but will always return to its original form. This ensures a perfect fit during use, making it one of the most comfortable and customized vibrators on the market! Add impressions to this vibe for added stimulation and up the intensity during use by making varied impressions in the gel material every time you use it! Coupled with a great g-spot tapered and contoured head, this vibe is perfectly suited to fit any user’s needs and desires.

Waterproof and phthalate free, the Impressions 5X Silicone Gel G-Spot Vibe has 5 varying functional yet quiet vibrations so you can enjoy a completely diverse erotic experience every single time.

Measuring in at 8″ in length and nearly 2″ wide, this vibrator is more than accommodating!

With the easy press of a button, the Impressions 5X Silicone Gel G-Spot Vibrator cycles through all of its patterns of vibrations for a totally spontaneous time.

Hold for 3 seconds to power off or enjoy all night!

Check out the Impressions 5X Silicone Gel G-Spot Vibrator!

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Featured Product: Etched Barbed Wire Polished Seamless Stainless Steel Cock Ring

Brand NEW to Romance Attack Online, the Etched Barbed Wire Polished Seamless Stainless Steel Cock Ring is a great edition to the various lines of cock rings we offer!

Perfect for bondage or fetish play, gay and straight couples alike can enjoy what this incredibly durable stainless steel cock ring has to offer!

Although it has none of the flexibility of a jelly cock ring, it does come in 3 varying sizes that can accommodate nearly anyone and is made with long lasting 316L stainless steel making it a completely timeless and strong build for a cock ring that will last you a lifetime.

With a masculine design that oozes aggressive sexuality, this cock ring fits fashionably and makes for a comfortable, yet secure fit during use.

Stylish and sophisticated in design, the seamlessly polished finish on this cock ring makes me feel it should be worn only by the toughest of gladiators. I don’t know why that comes to mind, but hey, it does. That being said, if you want to play a little dress up with this cock ring, who am I to tell you no?

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Have a Nice Weekend! 😉

Frenchy: Penis Extender With a Twist!

The Frenchy Penis Extender is one of our more popular items on Romance Attack Online! A creative penis extender with a fun twist, the Frenchy Penis Extender challenges convention with it’s textured shaft and spiral tapered tip. Especially beneficial for those with ED (erectile dysfunction) or other health conditions who wish for a change in pace to the more conventional penis extender designs, this toy promises lots of fun and increased stimulation for both partners during use!


& Get 20% OFF this item!

Offer Expires 01/15/2012


Excited or Frightened by These Disturbingly Realist Love Dolls From Japan?

I recently came across a few Youtube videos highlighting these Japanese Love Dolls that, although not entirely identical to humans, they definitely look startlingly realistic and even more so when compared to most dolls available on the market today. Priced at nearly $10,000 more or less depending on which doll model you choose, these Japanese Real Love Dolls look real, feel real, and even seem to function as normal people would with motorized vaginal and oral muscles to simulate their real counterparts, realistic feeling flesh and even muscular imitation in the movement of their arms and legs. It seems for now they’re only available in Japan though so if you’re interested, you may just have to import these incredibly detailed love dolls straight from Japan. For those who want a better look, check out these two links at Kanojo Toys to see the Real Love Dolls up close and personal in photos or see the Youtube Videos below.

Kanojo Toys Links: