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3 Reasons You Should Have Sex After Black Friday Shopping


Black Friday can give you a heaping rush of adrenaline and possibly a little panic, but in a good way right?

I always come home from my Black Friday shopping with a ridiculous amount of energy, despite being beyond exhausted and that’s why we should all take some time before getting some much needed sleep to enjoy a little sex.

Here’s Why: 

  • It Relaxes Your Nerves. When you get home, you’ll be all cracked out on adrenaline and excitement from the rush of shopping so why not have a little down time before you hit the pillow? Sex will help you sleep better, relax you and even help you burn more fat! Don’t believe me? Learn more about it – HERE.
  • Use Those New Toys! Assuming you did some pre-shopping online or maybe even at your local adult retailer, you’ll have some new sex toys to play with! If not, you can always shop with us & get great deals anytime 😉 With that, you’ll definitely want to take them for a spin right?
  • End the Night on A Good Note. If you got in a fight or got a little more aggressive than usual during Black Friday, some nice sex is a great way to end the night on a good note instead of going to sleep angry!

Happy Shopping!

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3 Ways to Relieve Stress While Shopping on Black Friday!

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3 Manly Masturbators to Try in Spring!

[The Substitute Real Skin Feel Masturbator- Fauxskin]

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To some, masturbation toys may seem a bit intimidating at first, but you’ll find with experience that these are some of the best toys for men out there and these 3 are made in signature fauxskin which is similar to cyberskin and is designed to feel just like real skin, only better. This material feels incredible on contact with skin, like super soft velvety skin and the sensations are guaranteed to be orgasmic!

[Lotus Pussy Real Skin Feel Masturbator, Fauxskin]

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[The Mangina – Fauxskin Flesh Real Skin Feel Masturbator]

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That’s all for now – Have a naughty day!

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Weekend Post Round-Up with Masturgasm!

Here’s to wishing you all a naughty, fun weekend with lots of new and erotically intense sexual experiences – our weekly round-up of posts!

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Specially selected by our experts based on effectiveness, solid product formulas, and popular demand, these sexual enhancement supplements are the perfect addition to intensify the sensation and pleasure for any erotic experience.

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Have A Very Naughty Easter + Easter Deals!


From Everyone At Masturgasm, We Wish You A Happy {Hopefully Naughty!} Easter!

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TGIF! Easter Humor + Pervy Post Roundup for Your Easter Weekend!

Pinned Image


Here’s to wishing you all a Happy Easter Weekend with lots of Naughty fun, of course!

Here’s Some Easter Humor to Get You Through the Day!

Pinned Image

[From via Pinterest]

Pinned Image

[Easter Humor via Pinterest]

Funny Pork Be inspired Ecard: Easter is my favorite ham-related holiday.

Easter Humor –]

…And Here Are Some Helpful Pervy Posts To Take You Into the Weekend!

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Spring Into Action With These Cock Rings!

[Big Daddy’s Cock Ring]

With Spring Fever well on it’s way [ if it hasn’t already hit you! ], soon we’ll all be feeling the heat!

After a long winter of non-action or maybe just less action than usual, you may need a bit of a pick me up to get going again and these cock rings are just the thing!

Here Are A Few of Our Favorites!


[Paramour Cock Ring]



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[Steampunk Cock Sling Cock Ring]

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Get Naughty This Weekend With These Tips!

Having great sex doesn’t always seem easy, but you can turn boring, dull sex into heart-pounding, mind blowing sex with super simple tips from the sex experts here at Masturgasm!

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