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strange fetishes


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Top 10 Strangest Sexual Fetishes

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First off, let’s talk about what a fetish is. A fetish is an out of the so-called “norm” fascination, adoration, admiration, or overall draw to something, whether that is a person(s), an animal(s) or even to an inanimate object(s). Similarly, a sexual fetish is this same sort of fascination and attraction, but implies various sorts of sexual arousal and pleasure gained from the attraction. Fetishes can range anywhere from the liking or being sexually attracted to only Latin men or women or Asian men or women to tickling, bondage AKA BDSM, and also foot and hand fetishes. It may come as a surprise to those who are unfamiliar with or who do not choose to participate in a fetish to find that feet fetishes are actually one of the most common sexual fetishes.

Aside from the usual fetishes that are commonly known, there are some more underground fetishes that may shock or awe you, especially if you have never heard of them before now. While there seems to be heavy debate as to whether these fetishes are healthy, it really is a matter of opinion and many studies show than most of the commonly known fetishes such as BDSM and the like are actually, in fact, quite normal for people to have and engage in. There are many ways of loving and being loved in this world and, although I mostly choose not to participate in the stranger side of fetishes (such as those featured below), this does not in any way mean that I condemn them. After all, we do live in the US of A right?

That being said, here’s a list of some of the strangest fetishes I could look up that you may or may not be familiar with. Prepare to be shocked, awed and enlightened and to realize that, for some reason, many of the most bizarre of these all seem to come from Japan.

  1. Oshouji: This is actually one of the fetishes I think is really interesting, artistic and cool. This fetish refers to the act of writing degrading words all over your partner’s body with calligraphy ink.
  2. Plushophilia: This may also refer to furry sex or furry love. A person who grows up with an obsessive or extreme fondness for stuffed animals could develop this type of fetish. This fetish entails the arousal and attraction to plush/stuffed animals or those dressed in animal costumes. Plushophiles, as they are technically referred to, may enjoy masturbating with stuffed animals or having intercourse with those dressed as animals or dressed as an animal themselves. For those interested in bestiality, one might prefer to enjoy this fetish rather than have sex with real animals.
  3. Kyatto Faito: This refers to schoolgirl cat fights in which women dress up as cat-like or kitten-like and fight. Most commonly, this is done to lose clothing or just for fun or show, but also occurs where women perform these fights more seriously and brutally fight with one another.
  4. Erotic Asphyxiation: Those who practice this enjoy cutting off their oxygen supply during masturbation, intercourse or other sexual acts as they claim it heightens their pleasure and makes orgasms more enjoyable. Ropes, belts and other restraints are commonly used during these acts and, if one is not extremely careful, this can be very dangerous and even fatal.
  5. Burusera: This refers to a panty fetish that is very popular in Japan. So popular, in fact, that there are many burusera shops around Japan that sell the used panties. Men buy these to sniff/smell them. Many women have garnered large amounts of money off of this fetish.
  6. Injured Idol: This sexual fetish refers to women who wrap bandages around their head or other body parts in order to attract men. There is also an opposite fetish that occurs commonly with those who have medical fetishes such as the attraction to these women who are wearing bandages, casts or have other faux injuries.
  7. Robot Fetishism: This refers to the sexual attraction someone has to robots, the thought of having sex with a robot, dressed as robots or with a person who has transformed into a robot. This is taking your lover for science or the syfy channel to a whole new level!
  8. Dendrophilia: I’m sorry, I just can’t wrap my head around this one. This refers to the sexual attraction someone has to trees.
  9. Autonepiophilia: This is almost as strange as the one above: the arousal gained from imagining oneself or actually dressing as a baby/infant.
  10. Hierophilia: You’ll have to do 10 hail mary’s after reading this one! This refers to the sexual attraction and arousal gained from religious or sacred objects.

Disclaimer: This blog posting is meant to be informative and NOT instructional. We do not condone or advise the action of any of these fetishes, any harm done to yourself or someone else or anything else in reaction to this blog post. Any actions taken by you or your partner in regards to this post is done at your own risk and is NOT recommended by anyone here at RomanceAttack.Biz. Please exercise your best judgment and caution in your sexploration or consult a licensed health physician or psychologist if you are unsure about your actions.